marley & me

josh grogan's canine book-turned-movie was a hit on the shelves as well as the theaters.  today i'm at home, the first time being with stella alone.  HM has some work stuff to do, so i agreed to watch the little one.  marley & me is currently on the tube and as i was watching i realized something; this book/movie can connect with just about anyone....singles, couples, and families.  there is eric dane, who plays the good looking playboy who has the job of any journalist's dream.  jennifer anniston and owen wilson start as married couple with the story progressing through their lives with not just marley, but their growing family as well.
not marley, but just as crazy?
during the movie anniston says, "no one tells you how hard this is.... everything - marriage, kids.  no one tells you how much you have to give up".  she quit her job to be a full time mom to take care of their 3 children thus resulting in many stressful arguments with wilson being the only working parent.  though HM and i don't have a similar situation, i can relate to coming home during HM's maternity leave and seeing how hard of a day she's had.  and that's just with one child she's watching.  the movie will make u laugh, cry, and appreciate life...all in 2 1/2 hours.  but of course, i recommend reading the book instead.  :)

currently the movie is in the last 1/2 hour and it's a little weird watching how similar HM and i had 'dreamt' about our future as a family.  the grogan's have 2 boys, 1 girl..and a crazy dog.  and i'm not saying it would happen (because right now HM is in shutdown mode!), but we discussed how awesome it would be to have 2 boys and a girl even before we started having children.  the dog was already in the picture.

BUT, for now we will leave things as they are and enjoy everything what we have.

stella's latest:
2 week checkup.  healthy and statistically larger than her bro. 
stella's joker impression.  cute or scary?
taken yesterday by momma.  i love pacifiers. 
and i couldn't forget about calvin (whose been dealing with sickness lately):

the always-classic toddler bathroom picture. 
big brother.  he kisses her goodnight daily.