red, white, and baby

29 weeks, 6 days.

happy 4th to everyone. i feel that past few years, holidays aren't what they used to be. HM and i had a talk and we blame her residency program. no such thing as a regular schedule in her life...which in turn transfers over to mine.

this year, we ate at james coney island for dinner. we agreed that we will make it a tradition to eat a hot dog every 4th of july. we've done so the past 2 years...so why not? think i sound crazy? then you probably haven't seen THIS. yuck.

HM asked me if july 4th reminds me of anything from childhood. i remember spending the hot summer days at the local pool and then going to shoot fireworks at night. years later, zoning restrictions put a damper on neighborhood festivities, so i would typically spend the holiday with MR and some other friends. my personal favorite fireworks to light up: roman candles. every since i saw a guy run olympic torch relay-style in circles, i couldn't resist from copying (kids - please do not try at home!) runner up: the m-90. these little bad boys don't look like much, but they are pretty much a mini version of dynamite with a waterproof wick. throw them in a pool and have a blast. literally.

in terms of weeks... we are basically 3/4 through the pregnancy. i couldn't be more excited! congrats to CC/AC and their newborn son a few weeks ago. i always look forward to talking with fathers and experiences with their children. having an unofficial support system can only help my goal of being the 'world's greatest dad' in my child's eyes. asking questions can't hurt my cause, right?!

holiday bonus: HM has to be at work early in the morning and she asked me to give her a quick back rub before she went to bed. afterward, i said goodnight to her and the baby.... and as i laid my ear against her belly, the little bugger kicked me! it was a very pleasant, scary surprise....if that makes any sense.

...my respect goes out to the mothers. it's hard enough for me to sleep comfortably with my own overweight belly. couldn't imagine having one that moves. sometimes it reminds me of ripley. name that movie!

...oh mom, why did u let me watch this stuff when i was younger?!


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  1. lil bugger responds to your voice! i think it's cute.