room prep: episode one

oh -- how i loathe painting.

i've always been a fan of minor do-it-yourself projects, saving money, and learning about fixing your own home.....at least to some extent. some people enjoy painting. i absolutely hate it. maybe it's because i buy cheaper materials, thus making the work harder? i'm not sure what it is, but the paint projects that i've done in the past have been laborious and mind numbing.

over the past few weekends, i've been clearing out my old bedroom at my parents house in order to get a room ready. we're fortunate to have my retiree mom help out on some days after HM's maternity leave. and since we don't have an available room at our place, i thought it would be fun to decorate something for our first child.

getting the room cleared out was a project in itself. you see, i'm what most people would call a pack rat. i apparently didn't throw away ANYTHING throughout my childhood. though i may not be as bad as these people, i certainly don't know why i had to keep every single note that was written to me throughout high school (hey N.B. -- what's the magic number?!). anyways - after 2 long weekends of packing/salvaging/discarding, i finally had a canvas to work with. the following pictures were inspired by actual events:

this is my old room after i cleared it out, yet you can see that it has never really been taken care of. dirty walls/carpet along with a tons of dust await.

there were some foundation problems (that have been since fixed) which caused some cracks in the drywall. but have no fear! i have experience with repair...

amazing what drywall spackle can do, eh? there is a closet on the other side of this wall which has the same problem, but heck, we're not getting TOTALLY carried away with this remodeling stuff yet!

the chosen one...paint, that is. HM and i decided on the available Lowe's Olympic eggshell finish -- color "Geyser", a shade of green. note for future parents: love your kiddos, no VOC's! as you see here, the lightness should help with the unisex theme.....

a first sample brushing on the wall. wait a minute... it looks a little bit lighter than i thought. it also looks a little bit more...blue? lets try some trimming....

OH-K. not looking so good. how did Geyser green turn into baby blue?! i phoned HM. i told her that i already started the dreaded process of painting. she giggles about the color. we agree that we will march forward with our choice regardless of the boyish theme. she has ideas in place if baby Z should arrive. i love my wife more than a fat kid loves cake....

i HAD to take another picture of the paint can to make sure of the color. DOES IT NOT LOOK GREEN?! my mind is playing tricks on me (thank you geto boys and bushwick bill!)

day two, still blue. and yes, it took me two days. but i can only blame myself for eating lunch with my mom (delaying ploy) and watching this throughout the process. in landon we trust, eh?! side note: thank you for ruining american soccer for a least 4 more years!

.... calmer nerves now. below is the final picture taken today after 2 coats dried, a really bad edging/cornering job, and cleaning up my work area. in this lighting, it looks kinda green. success?!

furniture is next, then theme decorations. sigh. but why should we stop there, right? let's just move onto THIS!!


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