the plan

28 wks.

a good friend of mine back in high school once told me that he had an idea of how he expected his life to be after graduating. he was to finish college in 4 yrs, find a job, find the woman of his dreams and marry her, buy a house, have kids.... and live the white picket fence life. completing the first 2 items on his list were a breeze but since then, he's been living a life of bachelorhood which he thoroughly enjoys. things change, i guess.

HM has been on what i call 'the plan' since 2000, when she was accepted into a scholarship that had a set undergrad and medical school chosen for her. folks -- imagine...that's 8 straight years of knowing exactly where u will be and what u will be doing. 8 yrs ago, i was entering the 5 yr plan of my college tenure (not really planned!). in truth, HM has been groomed to be a MD since childhood when she was TOLD she was going to be a doctor. she was also to find an awesome guy and marry him. great how things have worked out, eh? :)

people often wonder if the pregnancy is planned or unplanned. the real 'plan' was to get married, HM to finish residency and then in 2011, start a family. it's a funny question for us to answer because in our minds, there really isn't a right one. we did have a discussion about being mentally and financially ready, but by no means were we 'trying'. 2 months later, i get the call and ever since it seems like we spend our weekends running around like headless chickens. anyone who knows our situation would realize that the past 1/2 yr has been a pleasant gift for us, even if it was a surprise.

i've heard of plenty of couples that try to coincide their pregnancies with friends so their kids grow up together. we never thought about this as a couple since 2011/2012 is when we expected to start a family. and though it would have been great to have my kids grow up along with their natural cousins -- my sister and i are 6 1/2 years apart, so it was never realistic. thanks to couples such as MR/GR, CC/AC, LP/TP..... we are looking forward for our child to grow with great company.

but before then, HM and i have to get through the final 12 or so weeks together.... more reading, research, and preparation to welcome our baby into this world. a little part of me is nervous, but i told myself not to worry -- i've got the next 3 months planned out already.


happy belated father's day!

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