animal testing

ok... i've stewed on this topic for a few days now, not sure exactly the kind of message i wanted to write about. the basic subject in mind was how there are couples that adopt pets thinking it would miraculously prepare them for parenthood. i don't understand this logic at all.

of course, while i was thinking what to write about earlier today, i came across this article on yahoo. it literally popped up on my homepage just before logging on. the article basically talks about how couples can improve their relationships with each other if they focus on how they interact with pets. i GUESS so.

during a drunk bar conversation a few years ago, a friend of ours said one of the most idiotic lines i've ever heard. this person - who isn't very fond of animals - said, "i wouldn't mind taking care of a child. it's way easier than taking care of a dog." HA HA! his reasoning was that children understand what we say and u can make them do what u want. at the time, he had never spent much time around kids or animals. either way, it wasn't a conversation worth debating....so i called him an idiot, and left it at that.

listen people: PETS DO NOT PREPARE YOU FOR HAVING CHILDREN! they aren't going to make u a more responsible person. here is a breakdown of what a dog basically needs on a day to day basis:

- food/water twice a day.
- walk twice a day to relieve themselves....max 15 mins.
- greet them when u get home.

u may as well get 3 or 4 plants and try keeping them alive. i think couples have this mentality that they are taking care of another life, which gives them an automatic approval to have their own children. we're now experts! ugh.

don't get me wrong...i want people to adopt animals, but please do so for the right reasons. i didn't have pets growing up, so i never gained an attachment. that all changed when i inherited a house full of HM's dog hair, feathers, and scaly fish. now, i have a furry friend waiting for me with excitement when i come home. and i love it. man's best friend is an understatement. if there is a any lesson that a dog has taught me, it's proven that i have a compassionate side for animals. and to me, that's a great reason to have one.

(this post completed on 6/4 - not 6/1 as noted above)

in addition to our "planned" names for our children, HM went ahead and picked our future family dog's name: Baxter! so fitting, eh?!

here's a shot of mr. peanut chillin'

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