who's it gonna be?!

the name game... every parent goes through it. regardless of finding out the sex, picking out a name is a constant battle of emotion, research and favoritism. thirty thousand names in one book, special unique/celebrity/athlete names in another. the common 'Chris' can be found with ease, while the 80's popular "Lakeisha" is culturally new-american (it's in the books folks!)

HM and i decided that we weren't going to find out what were having, so naturally we agreed to set aside time to discuss boy and girl names. secretly i already had a name in mind, but i never brought it up with her early on. i guess i was afraid of it getting shot down. more on that later...

i think for most people, they would ask their parents how their name was chosen, right? who would have guessed my chosen name is of scandinavian origin and meaning 'always ruler'? kinda neat though. currently, my name is ranked #95 on US births....yay. i recently researched HM's name.... of course, the origin is vietnamese - and says the meaning is "moon". HM tells me that 'moon' is more of a folklore than the real translation. i guess i'll take her word for it!

and so here we go...ladies first....

baby Z stands for... baby Zoey!
Truthfully, Zoey was chosen months ago (as my secret suggestion). the origin is greek and means 'life'. and as neat as it may sound, it basically started with my infatuation with Zooey Deschanel -- even though I never though of her much in the movies, elf or the happening. it was her adorable, quirky personality in yes man, alongside jim carrey, where i started becoming a fan. the name just stuck in my head. HM liked it and agreed without any argument. it made me think that choosing names was a snap.

i remember the discussion turning silent when we tried to brainstorm boy names. we just couldn't think of anything. HM was adamant that she didn't want a common/popular name - so she frequented top 10 name lists every so often. Ethan, Aidan, Cayden, Noah, Liam....no luck there, my friends - some of you are also names of children among close friends/family we know. zoey is currently in the top 100 for girls, but since we didn't know any, we stuck with it. we were also not trying to fall into what i call the 'extreme-current-popular' names. you know that 5-10 years from now, there will be classrooms filled with Bellas, Jacobs, Taylors, etc. damn u, vampire movies...and taylor swift. i calmly offered jebediah for a boy, and u can guess how that went. hey guys out there -- if there is any advice i can give u about name choosing -- try not to be TOO unique. remember, this is your child's future we're talking about!

and on to the BABY BOY....

on april 16th, after two prior trips to borders bookstore and countless hours on the internet, we finally found a male name. actually, we agreed on 2 names - Calvin and Connor. calvin = the little bald one. connor = lover of hounds. connor seemed the front runner at first. when i indexed him in one book, the pages stated 6 and 15....my birthdate and lucky numbers. also, HM's love for dogs didn't hurt. but we both really liked the uniqueness of calvin (connor is fairly popular now). It was really a toss up that we had to think about, but i wanted to make a quick decision, so I could talk to the baby before going to bed at nights (hearing starts early!). we both went to sleep that night with an unsatisfying sense of accomplishment.

luckily the next morning, HM rolled over and simply whispered, 'lets choose calvin'. and that's how baby Calvin came to life! to keep some cultural roots, we agreed to use HM's grandparents first names as the middle names for either boy or girl. we also said that connor would be saved for a second boy...if everything goes as planned!

Calvin, Zoey, and Connor....three names reserved for our future family. didn't i say that HM was an uber-planner? and with the great luck that has treated our lives us so far, why would we expect anything different?

the campaign starts now!! who's it gonna be: baby C or baby Z?



  1. good names. i still think the name zebra sounds pretty majestic! =)

  2. Naming him after...Calvin Murphy???!!! HA! hopefully your boy will have better fashion sense and won't grow up to be an annoying broadcaster/white collar criminal...but we won't have to worry about that b/c you're having a GIRL.

  3. Yay! I'm all for Team Zoe with a Y!