continuing education

though HM and i plan to give every opportunity for our child to have the best education possible, personally i have never been much of a bookworm when it comes to classroom schooling. i made above average grades throughout my youth and could have graduated college in 4 years had i put more effort. sleeping in class probably didn't help much either.

this is not to say that i don't like the idea of learning. i like researching. i love to put my thoughts down. i'm not heavy into book reading, but most magazine articles are just the right length to keep me interested. i think it's all about the topics we choose, right? HM likes learning about the human body. MR gets excited about the newest tech toy. my friend HT will learn anything and everything about investing.

it shouldn't be a surprise that we're signed up for child preparation classes. lined up so far: breastfeeding/feeding (obviously, more for HM!), infant CPR, and basic infant care. there are so many more classes available, but i trust HM's judgement on what we should take. and to tell u the truth, i've been overly giddy inside about the thought of attending all of them. other than my nephews (whom i've never really babysat), our exposure to children has been very limited. i sometimes fear holding other people's children just because i'm not used to it. i've only changed a handful of diapers in my lifetime and was lucky enough to only experience the liquid kind. a weird, greedy part inside of me wants to experience all of this with my own child first instead of somebody else's. it sounds fairly ridiculous. maybe it is, maybe not. either way, that's just the way i've been feeling lately....

i often wonder what parents did back in the day prior to the massive influx of information we now have at our fingertips. it's so easy for me to google something rather than have to worry about asking the Dr on our next visit. i can pull up 10 articles before even scheduling an appointment. and yet here i am, grinning to no end, at the fact that i have the opportunity to learn in a classroom environment again. there are baby books to be read and even more articles that my brain can absorb.....

all for u, Baby C...or Baby Z.



  1. baby z? you're gonna name you're kid zebra?

  2. classes are a waste of time! dive in or go home!

  3. i hope your classes make you tote around a fake pooping baby in your Baby BJORN for homework!!

  4. john - we have a boy and girl name picked (which i'll post soon). no baby zebras here!
    NB - BJORN.... i proposed that as a name too... HM declined with a quickness...hahaha!

  5. baby bjorn is a baby carrier not a name suggestion!!! novice!