over the past few days, HM has been experiencing a fluttering feeling in her lower belly area. people have told us that this is the baby kicking! today, she said she felt it most of the day....how exciting is that? i tried to lay my hands against HM last night, but couldn't feel anything. i went to bed slightly disappointed.

i read that during pregnancy, many men don't know how to accept their role as a bystander and supporter. the man basically takes a backseat as the mother and child grow together. though this situation may ultimately be the case, i don't like to think of myself as 'taking a backseat'. i want to feel purpose, involved.

my coworker CC, who is expecting a son of his own in about a month, said his first bonding connection was when he felt the baby kick with his own hands. the moment can't come soon enough for me. and since the baby supposedly can hear us now, i've been trying to give nightly talks so my voice will be recognized too.

a few nights ago, as i spoke and laid my ear against HM's navel, i thought i was getting a response back. not surprisingly, it was only HM's stomach crying out for thirst. i got up to fetch some water. if that's what it takes to be involved, i'll do anything for both of them. :)

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