art of war: the registry

who said that registries were boring and just for moms to enjoy? i make my own rules. in tribute to kick off the summer movie season, i’ve enlisted the help of the hugely popular Iron Man! though i doubt you will find billionaire-playboy tony stark shopping at your local target anytime soon.

as i might have mentioned before, HM is fairly methodical when it comes to researching, planning, etc. during our wedding, she had a notebook with a complete listing for the reception set up. from how she wanted the plates to be set with menus on top, party favors to be faced toward guest, with centerpieces positioned facing east as the sun set (ok not that bad) --- all the way down to the specific dimming of the lights (thanks again for those who had to execute for her!).

our registry is a work in progress. it probably won’t even be finished until after the baby arrives. there are just so many options! research upon more research, the task is quite tedious. you have ratings with reviews. then you have reviews that are rated. and all of this for a car seat that will be used for 6 months? well, as some will say….this IS all for your child, right?

you can imagine the dirty looks we got when i was walking around in superhero mask as HM and i pulled down playpen displays that were "suggested" not to be moved. some father i’m going to be, huh? HM was a good sport about it…and why not? this is a fun and exciting time for us. who doesn’t like pick out a bunch of stuff that people want to buy for you? it’s like being in a candy store…. and this particular fat kid** loves cake!


**fat kid = me..not HM!

picture time!

HM in H&M in beantown. apparentely the baby stimulates more shopping too.

our registry weapon of choice....

HM inspecting playpens models. you can see they were placed higher to discourage people from taking them down. like i said before… we make our own rules.

…and for those of you that still don’t believe the belly is there, check out HM’s homer simpson impression. Duff rules!

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