well traveled baby

*following post was written on 4/30/2010*

20 weeks, 5 days.

halfway through the pregnancy and our baby already has more air miles than most 10 yr olds. in early march, we went to hawaii (trip planned preconception) for a vacation and to visit PP/NP. we trekked our way through multiple hikes and even attempted the stairway to heaven (google: haiku stairs). pretty crazy, i know, but luckily we realized that the altitude and climbing probably wasn’t a great combination for a woman in her 2nd trimester. i also had the unfortunate luck to experience one of the WORST possible scenarios a person could encounter while on a deep sea fishing trip. it's a story that i will only tell in person.... while i'm drunk. anyways – i’m currently typing this on a flight back from boston for a work conference. HM joined and did some great sightseeing. she also wreaked havoc on shopping for prego clothes. i find it hilarious that she doesn’t even shop the maternity sections, but rather buys clothes 2 sizes larger along with a forgiving belly area.

and all of you worry-warts out there can rest easy…. we don’t plan to do anymore flying before delivery date. if it makes anyone feel better, she IS wearing compression stockings, as recommended by Dr. D. the stockings are nothing more than expensive leggings that fit tighter than normal…..the purpose being to prevent deep vein thrombosis. along with HM's keep-the-pants-from-falling belly band, she’s a walking advertisement for spandex!

our desire for travel is evident. even with HM’s tough med school/residency schedule, we’ve managed to fit trips to LA, SF, CHI, NYC, MIA, ORL, AUS, and PHI just in the past few years. i get a little overboard with planning, but i guess that's because i don't want her to worry about anything. and granted we've only been to major US cities - our dream is international travel. i fully expect that we will accomplish those trips in the future. with a child of my own on the way, i plan to provide him/her with what my parents gave me: the opportunity to see and experience what this great country has to offer. they offered the best to me, whether it was in a dodge caravan cruising the route 1 highway in california or simply standing atop the world trade center in NYC donning my 'cool' rayon shirt. thanks for everything mom and dad!

don't knock the girbaud's!

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  1. Love this blog already!! Way more awesome than those so called foodie blogs =) So GUT!

    Maternity clothes are way overpriced! HM is brillant to buy larger clothes. There's always tons of large clothes in the clearance section.