anger management

11 weeks, 4 days PB.

i've never seen the movie Anger Management starring adam sandler and jack nicholson, but the title perfectly described my thoughts as i drove home from work last week. growing up watching sandler has been mostly fun and laughs, though nicholson can pull some crazy faces as well. this one is a little more famous. nice one, jack!

anyways... earlier this week, a meeting at work had run a little late which meant i left in the heat of traffic time. going to pick up calvin at my parents then heading back home was going to be a major pain in the ass... but i anticipated it. what i didn't anticipate was THIS. yes, that tanker spill surely made my night. i spent almost 2 hours in standstill traffic while HM was upset at me because i forgot to bring home chicken salad. you could feel the snowball growing every minute.

during the drive, i was hollering and screaming; furiously glaring at car's brake lights that were 100 yrds ahead. but after about 30 mins, i realized the only person that was hearing it (besides myself) was calvin. i've told this to people before, but some find it hard to believe -- i have serious ROAD RAGE!! HM has mentioned it to me and i think i've toned it down quite a bit since being married. but sometimes in my 'alone' driving, the devil in me comes out. kinda sad really.

i've learned a lot from my parents and i don't doubt that calvin will do the same. i've had my slip ups with cursing in front of kids (sorry dark mark!), but now that i have my own, the caution signs are well in front of my own face. i just have to see them....and follow them. children will follow in their parents footsteps. i found a video that was interesting:

that last image of the beatdown was scary, right? i can only hope that once baby calvin starts to walk, he'll follow HM around and become a mild mannered physician who studies beyond the need of studying. though the nagging about the forgotten chicken salad wouldn't be missed. (love u, babe!). i think that most parents aspire to be good role models for their kids, but sometimes our emotions (and other bad drivers!) can get the best of us. i have to keep this in mind for the next 20 years.

too make up for bad times, i allowed cal some TV time. i recorded the victoria's secret fashion show (AT HM'S REQUEST - i promise) and we decided to watch as a family. i knew that calvin liked watching tv, but i grew bored of the shows content. c'mon people - u know that tall, american and brazilian models in underwear and angel's wings don't get my attention (i'm lying). my interest this year probably wasn't very strong since my favorite model wasn't there. screw you, orlando bloom! (i tried to find a worse picture but for some reason the internet loves him). meanwhile..... i decided to capture calvin's reaction to what he thought:

that's my son. he was truly angry because commercials interrupted his viewing time of alessandra, adriana, and erin. and if u think cal has learned to be a good actor at the tender age of 2 1/2 months, check out the follow up:

or it just might be that he's a katy perry fan and her banned video. it's for the kids!!!

NFTW (new father tip of the week) - don't forget the chicken salad. AND - don't hit other people in front of your child.



  1. The "Children See, Children Do" video was disturbing. Mostly because it's true and it's happening on a daily basis. I have road rage myself, possibly worse than yours. There was a period of time (maybe the first few years of Tristan's life) where I watched what I would say if he were in the car. But lately, I've failed to censor myself as much. After seeing that video, though, I need to fix that. I'm glad you posted it.

    As for Cal's videos... now that's some cute stuff. Keep posting those. I could watch 'em all day.

    P.S. What the hell is wrong with you, forgetting chicken salad! Are you just TRYING to hurt your wife? Geez.

  2. repeat after me: son of a biscuit. what the french toast. you lint licker. (http://www.splendad.com/ads/show/863-Orbit-Euphemisms)

    srsly?? VS fashion show...there's a reason why they run the show on tv late in the evening! Wonder how baby Cal reacts when he watches the Country Music Awards??? =)

  3. I remember the tanker spill. I was on my way to meet up with everyone for steak night. Don't worry - we ate one for you :) Poor thing!

    My words of advice: A happy wife is a happy life. Don't forget the ckn salad ever again :)