out of time

18 weeks, 2 days PB.

i like denzel washington. he's been a very influential actor throughout my movie watching days. from Glory to Training Day, i still consider him an A-list box office draw. even though he's made some thrilling movies, this particular flick isn't one of them. though i will watch for eva mendes alone... :)

the title to this post should speak for itself. i feel that i never have time to produce a quality blog entry, but yet i hate having to use calvin as an excuse. december was such a busy month with holiday events, work, etc. january hasn't been much of a relief either. our attempts to move cal's sleep schedule earlier in the evening has not panned out too well. we've made some progress getting him to around 10pm, but that's after about an hour of him yelling in our ears. by that time i just want to sit on the couch and get my head back on straight before having to get ready for bed.

i don't have any pictures to post this time around, but i promise that i'll have plenty soon. and speaking of pictures - a friend of mine (darkmark) brought up a question on his facebook status one day asking this: Ever wonder if you are the only one that REALLY thinks your kids cute?

so funny, because his kids ARE cute. i will be one to admit that calvin has his moments where he is super adorable, but i'll be damned if i try to say that he's cute 24 hours/day. he's got PLENTY of not-so-good looking poses in his repertiore. i think i'll post them soon, though HM might not like!

after going through calvin's early pictures, dark's question had HM and i thinking the same freakin' thoughts. i know babies change and all, but there are a GOOD amount of pics that i look at now and think to myself.....damn, calvin was NOT a cute infant!

does that sound mean and horrible? especially coming from his own father? in person, calvin is a stumpy ball of mass. he's typically quiet in front of others, so that makes him more attractive for some reason. but his thighs resemble turkey legs from a carnival. and he has a muffintop! sure, being a fat baby is 'cute', but is it really cute if he becomes the shortest, fattest kid in class?! oh, the fears of my parenthood are coming out now....

anyways - just a random thought that came to me today. i know i had to post SOMETHING. sorry for the delays.



  1. I think all newborns look a little creepy, but Calvin is definitely a cutie! Babies are supposed to be chunky, but this too shall pass. :) Don't worry! He's gonna grow up to be a very handsome guy. Glad to see you blogging again!

  2. I think he's super cute! And at least you don't have to worry about making sure he eats!!! I have to make sure that Micah eats because he's eating the minimum amount! That isn't something most parents have to worry about! But I am sure he'll grow up to be super handsome! Don't you worry!