Cry Baby

21 weeks, 4 days PB.

this will be a very short post.

unfortunately, i'm writing this under a very stressed situation. i've been listening to calvin cry for literally the past 45 minutes straight. held or unheld, he just blew up during his feed. HM left for work for the night, so there isn't a second set of hands to try to console him.

for anyone who thinks it's easy to just let their baby 'cry it out'.... u must have a stone cold heart. i teared up when cal was in pain prior to his ICU stay and i'm almost to a breaking point tonight.

*update* - after another 30 mins of consoling cal, i finally got him to eat and i'm writing this with one hand as he passed out in my other arm from pure exhaustion. finally some quiet time, but i would have preferred it coming with him falling asleep happy. it's difficult watching your child cry, but i think it's harder not knowing how make it stop.



  1. maybe he was gassy. Do you guys have mylican drops?