a league of their own

7 months, 3 days PB.

one of my favorite comedies ever - tom hanks played another classic role before he started winning oscars the next two years.  it also produced the memorable quote, "there's no crying in baseball!"  i have to say - it was tom hank's underrated comedic work that made me love his movies.

Answers to prior blog pictures:  1,2,4,6 - me.  3,5,7,8 - HM.  pretty crazy, huh?  i'm jealous of her resemblance to calvin....gummy smile and all.  if only his head looked more like a pill....

todays post revolves around sports; baseball in particular.  cal's first astros game was this past weekend.  uncle H was able to snag some dugout level seats along the first base line.  HM was appreciative to mention that we didn't have to breath lighter air in the nosebleeds -- her way of sarcastically telling me that the first time taking her to the field-formerly-known-as-Enron was not satisfactory.  thanks babe.

"hey, my pacifier is dirty now"

we were only about 5 rows up from this point, but as you can see we were pretty darn close.  good luck bringing you back to this spot buddy!

as a sports fanatic, i like to get into playful debates with HM on how i plan to build an athletic team from my offspring.  obviously, she prefers for them to be intellectuals first.  given our gene pool, i usually concede that our kids will have the greatest chance of success through education (and HM's slave driven study methods).  BUT, i always mention that i will do my very best to ensure that ALL of our kids have decent athleticism.  boy nerds who throw/run like girls typically get bullied (unless they run like serena williams, but then that's just plain scary).

i would like to mention that out of the three professional sporting events that cal has attended - the home team has won all of them.  good luck charm, possibly?  maybe a texans game next year for the little fella.  and even though cal was in a public place, he was NOT a fan of the roller coaster cheers and quietness a baseball game brings:

apparently, there IS crying in baseball!


on a side note - 3 yrs ago, HM and i hosted a rehearsal dinner with our family and close friends.  we still talk about our wedding like it was yesterday....happy anniversary, my love!

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