test post...the return?

apparently in my 1+ year hiatus, blogger changed up their format and made things better. i'm just testing to see how easy it is to upload, format, etc.

yes, again.
just as i thought - uploading pictures is a lot easier which cuts out a lot of time.  and yet it's a weak excuse, but time was the main reason why i stopped blogging.

calvin was never a great sleeper and as he grew closer to one year, things got extremely difficult.  he started child care and unsurprisingly got sick.  what was a surprise to us was how OFTEN he got sick. as well as his reactions to being ill.  cal wasn't the type of baby that slept through fevers - and anyone who is lucky enough to have children who do - well, good for you.  he was quite the opposite.... he cried.  he yelled.  he threw up all over his crib.  and those were the easy parts.

doing laundry twice in the middle of the night is something i don't wish upon anyone.  for those who say i should have just waited to do it in the morning, well, i want to see how you handle waking up to 8 ounces of 6 hour old curdled milk vomit saturating through crib sheets.  yes, nasty sh*t.

i'm not saying this is my attempt to comeback to blogging, but i'm here again for one main reason -- to share the welcoming of our 2nd child.  as i may have mentioned long ago, i don't see myself as a great writer, but i do love to tell a story.

and so....HM and i are supposedly due to have this baby tomorrow.  i should have done this test post last week, but didn't make the effort to do so.  a visit to the OB today revealed HM at 3cm's dilated....so the baby is really coming anytime now.

the goal is to do another live blog through delivery.  HM thought that with me posting through her contractions, it made for a nice distraction from the pain.  i'm such a great husband.

hope to share more exciting news soon!


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