The Last Supper

bedtime snack?  
a little known movie in the mid-90's, i believe the last supper was suggested by dark mark back in our movie rental days.  making less than 500k at the box office, this was no blockbuster hit.  the premise, in my opinion however, was quite clever.  5 grad students with different views on everything imaginable were roommates.  they held a dinner every sunday and invited a complete stranger to the house and discussed various topics.  a heated argument occurred in which the guest was killed.  they buried the body in the backyard agreeing that the world was better off without him.  from there on after, the students agreed that if a guest's views were disagreeable to any of them - such as, a priest who says homosexuality is a sign of the devil - they were given poison instead of wine.  cameron diaz is the only recognizable main character along with a few (quite hilarious) guests cameos.  a nice watch for those interested in a good 90's movie laugh.

i bring up the topic of the last supper because it's ALL i've been mentioning to HM for the past week.  i think she's getting tired of me saying, "let's go eat out tonight...it could be our last supper out before the baby!"  and now that it's over 4 days post due, eating at home doesn't seem like a bad idea.  here's a quick rundown of some notable recent meals:

buffalo grille - good stuff!
hong long vietnamese restaurant
lupe tortilla - HM's been a houstonian all her life and she very selective about her tex-mex.
aka sushi -  GREAT happy hour
mia's table - new place for us.  a tad pricey, but tasty.
star pizza - the ONLY place HM will eat deep dish in houston.  a friend told us this was the ultimate "baby inducer".  well, he now owe's me $17.
luby's cafeteria - which we just had earlier this evening. a hit or miss with some people, i'm not sure how anyone can hate this texas classic!

keep in mind, these are just restaurants.  i haven't mentioned that HM has been on this CRAZY cinnabon mochalatta chill kick lately.  and when i mean 'crazy', i mean she's had it at around 5 times over the past week or so.  consider the only locations are in a mall, we (I) have to go to the galleria before closing time to satisfy this craving.  and even though i've gotten back to regular workouts, they quickly become negligible after 11pm trips for mcflurry's and frosty's.  i'm just glad i'm keeping even.

 HM's traveling eats:
greek gyro - NYC food truck

the original salt lick in driftwood, tx.  

famous soup dumpling in NYC

95 stories up in chicago.  tip:  go during lunch.  you get the view, cheaper menu and less crowd!

battle for philly supremacy

sushi in hawaii.  

the best tacos we've ever had - isle mujeres cancun, mexico

dr's orders:  eat a hot dog while at Fenway park!

good night folks - it's 2am and HM has 'a feeling' that something could happen in the next few hours.  will update in the delivery room!


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