48 hrs.

buddy cop films have been around for as long as i can remember going to the movies with my mom.  years before we got the Lethal Weapon and Rush Hour franchises, the world was given comedy/action genius known as 48 hrs.  eddie murphy and nick nolte played such great polar opposites in the movie, they paved the road for future good cop/bad cop interracial films.  i still think turner and hooch is the b.o.a.t.

montage at texas children's hospital pavilion for women.

for standard deliveries, it is recommended that mothers and newborns stay in the hospital for at least 48 hrs.  in stella's first 2 days post-birth life, she has had more sleep than HM and i have had in the last two weeks combined - and deservingly so.  if anyone knows how loud we (HM, cal, and i) are, it would be stella.  her 40 week, 5 day 'oven time' in HM's belly was a front row seat to hearing all the chaos that went on in our house.

stella's first 48 through her eyes:

-04:00 hrs -- before-they-knew-i-was-stella.  my mom checking into the hospital (contractions have already started).
00:01 hrs -- directly out of the oven.  i'm done, but don't stick a fork in me!
00:03 hrs --  my mom's heartbeat is so soothing.  hello world! 

02:30 hrs -- my first bath.  i'm not a fan of soap and water but at least i'm clean...unlike some people!

05:00 hrs -- a handmade gift from the delivery nurse; my first bow cap!

07:30 hrs -- getting weighed.  6lbs, 12oz?!  the first of many 'does this diaper make me look fat?' realities. i'ma true girl. 

11:30 hrs -- quality time with mom as we take in the sunset.   i feel loved. 

25:00 hrs -- my big brother cal visits for the first time.... his warm hand felt great even if he doesn't look happy.  i know he'll watch over me.  i love him already. 

30:00 hrs -- the hospital was gracious in giving my PARENTS a celebratory meal.  you don't see me because they shunned me into a crib to the right.  i'm the one who is born and THEY get steak and cake?  how rude! 

33:00 hrs -- my first gifts.  thanks to the many that stopped by.   my shoe collection has started and i'm aiming for mom's closet space.

46:30 hrs -- prepping for a hospital photo shoot.  auntie NT sure knows how to make me pretty with her homemade bows.  notice my chubby cheeks?

48:00 hrs -- daddy had to do this to me.  why?  because he did the same with big brother too!   

52:00 hrs - ok, so i'm late a few hours on being discharged from the hospital.  i'm a girl; get used to it! 

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  1. stella is so good, dad has time to blog! love this picture blog.