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4 days PB (post birth).
sorry for the lack of updates...obviously there is a lot of stuff going on.

in the last few days, i went from being a happy husband who got little sleep to a proud papa who gets no sleep. i had already been up for 18 hrs before calvin was born and have since averaged less than 3 hrs of intermittent shuteye per night. this was too be expected right?

to be fair and honest, we're still at the hospital. only this time it is not where calvin was delivered, but rather at texas childrens. little cal was admitted less than 24 hrs after he came home due to appearing jaundice and having higher than normal bilirubin. this is fairly common in infants...especially ones with asian heritage.

needless to say, with having to stay at the hospital and going with HM to feed/visit calvin while in his incubator, there seems to be very little time to do much else.... let alone sleep. rather than to go into detail, i'll put it into another picture story (since everyone just wants to see pictures anyway). here is what i call "a series of firsts...." for baby calvin:

first moment outside the womb: after visiting mom's chest briefly, you can see he really wanted to stretch out! weighing in at 6 lbs, 9 oz, HM and i were pleasantly surprised that we produced a good sized kid!

first trip: by wheelchair, then elevator - from delivery room to hospital bedroom. there's no place he's rather be than right next to momma. he and i share the same feeling.

first bath: he hated it, but it was probably more so the fact that it was cold. his full head of hair needed almost a whole bottle of the travel sized shampoo!

first visitor: NT came bearing gifts for baby c less about 6 hrs post birth. being the suave guy that he is, calvin decided to use the 'play it cool' approach. result: she wouldn't let him go. you go, boy!

first visit from grandparents: the M's keep marching! my parents seemed excited to know the bloodlines and family name would continue (though they never really said it). i guess it's pride more than anything. for me, i was just glad to finally meet the little booger.

first kiss goodnight from dad: this was the only time i made close contact with him in the first day because of.......

.....my slight lingering cough. this is the first time calvin slept in my arms. HM snatched this pic of me before she had to feed him in the middle of the night. he was irritated by laying in the crib, so i took the opportunity to get some father/son bonding time. don't clown the mask... it has been used at much needed times in the past.

first gangsta pose: during feeding, baby cal was messing with his head gear. the result is what you see below. he managed to pull down his cap, then fall asleep within a minute. i guess he knew it would provide two useful outcomes: covering his eyes from light...and one darn cute looking picture.

first time home and in his crib: if we are comparing the ratio of his size to the mattress, the kid has one super sized king bed! lucky guy.... i still have to share a full with HM!

first time to pediatrician (the next morning): losing weight as expected for newborns, baby c weighed in a little over 5 lbs. he was starting to lose hydration...

first time being pricked for blood: this was one of many times his blood was drawn. i felt so bad for him when he screamed in pain, though i thought his feet were too cute to pass up on a picture.

first time admitted to the ER: the following image appears scarier than it really is - this is the incubator that little calvin has to stay in (and where he currently is as i type). i'll write a separate blog about the journey we've taken as he received treament here. i know it looks really bad, but i assure you it's not a harsh therapy.

see what i mean? it's almost like he's sunbathing under UV light (which, in truth, he actually is doing). he came prepared and brought his beach sandals and shades!



  1. Jade's son was also getting this same phototherapy but for weeks if I remember correctly. Must be hard to not have your new baby home with you, but I know it'll be all good. Glad you are taking a laidback, positive outlook.

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