38 weeks, 6 days.

this is a short update that had to be done today since the movie title is so fitting. the movie itself has no relation to our upcoming delivery other than we are now 7 days away from due date!

seven days. HM and i were reminiscing about how naive we were about anything 'baby' just a few months ago. people have told me that kids are 'game changers' and given the preparation we've done, i certainly believe it. i know as first time parents we'll never be fully 'ready'.... but gosh darn it, i'm going to try.

in my own personal preparation, i took time today to ready myself physically for baby c/z. today was GROOMING day. three separate events have to happen to complete this task:

- cleanly shave facial hair with razor (none of that electric crap).
- neatly trim both finger and toe nails.
- get a haircut.

it doesn't sound like much, but how often do ALL three things happen within an 18 hr period? it's a rarity i tell you. the day before my sophomore year in high school i had a grooming day and MR looked at me like i was a dog. not even my wedding day was special enough. the haircut throws everything off. i only get it cut on the weekends, and how often do guys shave then? ANYWAYS.... too much detail for you folks, but even HM isn't aware of my special day. :)

everyone should know that i now FEEL ready for the baby to arrive. the house is clean, the cribs are assembled, the car seat installed. my 3 month list is checked off (except for getting a car alarm for the accord...but that's not baby related). HM wants the baby out now! not so much of the discomfort of being pregnant, but rather just welcoming our little one to the world. also...she wants to know the sex of the baby so she can finish decorating the room at my parents house!

speaking of parents, i snagged my old baby album from my mom. i was born at 6.8 lbs and had very slanted eyes. my sister appeared to have adored me. my mom had a lot of black hair, and my dad wore turtlenecks, big belt buckles and bell bottom skinny jeans. ugh. it's amazing how times have changed.

then i also saw my sisters album. she had pictures of herself in a crib, infant swinging chairs, and all kinds of goodies. her first bday was a massive gathering of my parent's friends and coworkers. she had tons of gifts and everyone seemed to be thrilled. i thought of how much my parents prepped for her arrival and i think almost everyone goes gaga over their first born. it's amazing how things stay the same.

even though the labor day holiday is tomorrow, i still have this itchy feeling that everything will go down either this wednesday or thursday. maybe it's just wishful thinking cuz i don't want HM to deliver while our ob/gyn is out of town on fri/sat. we've waited too long for things not to go according to MY plan!


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