rainbow six

39 weeks.

my dad is a huge tom clancy fan. his books are mainly about military science or espionage. more of his known work include: the hunt for red october, patriot games, and clear and present danger....all of which are great movies. rainbox six apparently is in the works, but up in the air.

i'm planning on doing a blog countdown until the 12th and didn't really decide that until late last night. we are now 6 days until due date and for some reason the number 6 jumped out at me. i picked out a picture to post and found some weird commonalities. keep in mind -- i DID NOT find these out until AFTER i chose the picture!

i have been meaning to post an ultrasound picture for some time now. if you look closely, there are a few things that kinda weirded me out:

1. today is 9/6.
2. we are 6 days from due.
3. the image was taken on 6/1/2010
4. the time on the image is 9:26:36
5. HM was basically entering her 6 month of pregnancy (in the photo)
6. ...there are 6 items on this list..... eerie.

actually, that last was just there to trick u, but i'm still a little baffled myself.

so anyway - this picture holds a little special place in our minds. it was the first time we could actually see an 'image' of a head and body of the baby. HM immediately said it looks like a boy due it's 'large forehead head and big belly' -- something she characterizes along with me. she's such a comedian. with those features, i told her that she should hope that it's a boy because our poor little girl wouldn't appreciate looking so much like her daddy!

even though HM is on her feet all day walking, she still doesn't appear to be progressing closer to going into labor soon. no 'typical' signs of belly dropping or contractions....at least none that she's noticed. our appt this week should let us know if inducing will be in order, but i hope that won't have to happen.

though our anticipation runs high to hurry and meet our little one, part of me is happy that it's taking this long. HM and i have been enjoying great company together lately and once the baby comes, everyone tells me that those specials times are going to be limited. for almost 2 1/2 yrs of marriage, we've been 'alone' and able to do what we basically please....even with the circumstances of revolving around HM finishing up school. i can't even say that i've completely detached from my own parents since i still bother them for a home cooked meal every now and then. i hope 30 yrs from now, baby c/z will be close enough to treat us the same way.


ps - we rented the movie "kick ass" this evening. wow. i thought the 'rated R' rating was a mistake. even though i read that it was surprisingly for adults in a few articles, i didn't realize that they would allow such young children use an obscene amount of profanity and be exposed to so much violence. damn...i am getting old.

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