the 40 year old virgin

40 weeks - due date. baby has not arrived yet!

in the movie the 40 year old virgin, steve carell's character is put on the spot to speak about having sex with a woman - something he's never done before at that point. he was hilariously clueless.

during the whole pregnancy process, i've felt clueless about a lot of things. what kind of stroller to buy, what receiving blankets are, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop....just to name a few.

a few months ago, i asked HM about why it's said that pregnancy takes '9 months', but the due date is set at 40 weeks (which would be around 10 months)? this is something i know that i would have never asked unless having go through this experience. anyways - according to the 'pregnancy pinwheel' - which i like to call it - the starting date is considered as the 'first day of a woman's last period'. ok folks, start your thinking hats.... now (see pic below).

sooooo, while conception typically happens around the 2nd - 3rd week, and full term is considered to be at 37 weeks.... it averages around the 36 week/9 month mark? this is the only reasoning i could come up with. oi... this would be so much easier to figure out with one night stands, right?

and so it's been a week since my countdown to due date started and nothing eventful has happened the last 7 days. HM and i have had some quality time together (which i've thoroughly enjoyed), but now we're getting a little restless. to put it simple - WE WANT THE BABY OUT! we have an early appt with Dr. D tomorrow and probably have discussions about inducing. not the ideal, but most likely safer. the good thing about going this route is that we DO know a general time to expect labor/delivery. i'm getting even more antsy as i type. i'm thinking of doing a live blog update while waiting around in the hospital. HM thought it was a neat idea for the 5 of you that are reading. we'll see how it goes.

on a side note, i'm back to training for the houston half marathon in january. i decided that training for a full marathon while having my first newborn probably wasn't going to work out. i also don't know if HM would be working and i'm aiming for her to be there when i cross the finish line if i ever complete the full 26.2 miles. last year when i signed up for the full, plans didn't work out so well and i settled for my 3rd half marathon. and though it was my fastest time yet, i still don't plan on drinking and sleeping late the night before as 'preparation'!!

bedbug time...


  1. what a treat a live blog entry would be...! DO IT!