party of five

39 weeks, 1 day.

i never saw an episode of party of five, but i know it spawned the careers of many hollywood stars like jennifer love hewitt, neve campbell, and matthew fox. coincidentally, i just looked up that the show debuted was on september 12, 1994. weird, eh?

HM and i have spoken extensively about what we picture our future to look like. we've agreed the ideal would be 2 boys, 1 girl... calvin, connor, and zoey. i sometimes mention that i don't like the idea of 3 kids because of the whole 'middle child' syndrome, but trying to imagine a houseful of 4 rugrats can cause migranes. i know it sounds greedy planning that far ahead, especially when we haven't even had child #1 yet, but i guess it's always good to dream and mentally prepare, right?

HM had a dream the other night that we had twins. i think it would be awesome, but she disagrees. her argument is that twins would be way too much responsibility at once. i refute that everyone loves twins and they are always popular! again - ridiculous images of what could be.

now that we are 5 days from delivery, it's basically just a waiting game. i think our dog is also wondering what's going on. his comfort areas have made way to cribs, playpens, and more space for the baby. we let him sniff everything we bring home and we plan to do the same with baby c/z. hopefully all goes well.

tomorrow is a big day for us. it is our final dr appt before due date and we should find out if induction will be necessary. i secretly hope that she will tell us that we should look forward to delivering within the next day or so. i'm not a big fan of 'choosing' an inducing date when i believe the baby should arrive when it's ready. but in the end, the health of both HM and the baby are paramount.

sooooooo..... 5 more days of anticipation of our first child. 5 more days until we start our family. calvin or zoey is the first step toward our 'planned' three children. the first step in the right direction. the first step toward our own party of five.


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  1. still no progress after taking the stairs, squatting & walking all over the hospital...=(