she's the one

39 weeks, 6 days.

i don't really remember much about this movie other than the fact that jennifer aniston was a main character. i'm using it just for the title again...

i would like to dedicate this post to my lovely wife and soon to be new mother, HM. first off, i want to wish her a happy bday. 9 yrs ago tonight, we sat in a restaurant eating a quiet dinner after a very tragic morning. our relationship was still in its infant stages as we were entering young adulthood. both of us in college, HM was just starting her journey to becoming a physician..... a path set from high school that will carry until next summer. i, on the other hand, was a nomad searching for my own way amongst a sea of students. from pre-pharmacy to physical therapist to almost not getting into business school (but i did!) - it took me 5 1/2 yrs to obtain the college degree that i promised my parents i would complete.

the story of HM begins from no better place than houston, texas. born and raised in the space city by her mother and grandmother, she didn't exactly live in the nicest part of town. some would have considered her pauper, but she would never admit it was THAT bad. she attended a magnet high school which basically was the spark that brought her to where she is now. she has always excelled as a student and i don't doubt that she will become a great doctor. i'm proud of her in so many ways that i can't even explain the feeling. HM is THE 'american dream'.... a hard working, dedicated, and motivated person that strives to better their future given the hand that she was dealt with. not only has she succeeded in doing so already, but she also chose a career that assists in helping others to get better as well. how many of us can really say that? me purchasing corporate insurance for an energy company has its perks (free coffee!), but "saving 15% on car insurance by switching to geico" doesn't compare to prolonging someone's life.

i don't have repeat the story of us, but i do want to say that there is absolutely nothing that i adore more than make her happy. tomorrow will mark the 40th week that she's carried our child in utero. she changed to a healthier diet and sleep schedule to accommodate the baby, but she never held back on anything else. she remained committed to providing the best care to her patients. she made time to keep in touch with friends -- something i think we all can lose sight on when were focused on other things. she held up on her deal to be my loving wife and listened to my boring business insurance stories. she pretended to be interested about my fantasy football draft. best of all, she didn't did argue with me over bed space nor hog the blankets. i gots me a winner folks!

i've overheard people tell HM that she's lucky that she's had a fairly 'easy' pregnancy. in reality, i'm the one who is blessed. she never unleashed the 'wrath' that other husbands apparently get from pregnant wives who are emotional. she only once had a late night craving for food...which was easily satisfied by a quick trip to mickey D's for a $1 sundae. i squashed all other cravings by keeping ice cream readily stocked in the freezer.

as for the baby.... unless something happens tomorrow, we are slated to see the doctor on monday morning. at that time, we'll be given our options for induction, etc. even though we'd prefer for things to come naturally, HM and i can finally have peace of mind knowing that the pregnancy journey will end and the parenting phase will begin. it's been a great experience..... i can't thank HM enough for it. she's going to be an awesome mom.


some quick picture updates for preparation:

our storage is quite filled. over 25 boxes of stuff that we probably won't ever need again, but we're not good at giving stuff up! gotta make space for the baby, right?!

our refinished bathroom courtesy of New Generation Refinishing. i would post some before pictures, but they are a little scary. having to caulk and recaulk because of recurring mold SUCKS. this was not really in our initial prep planning, but we couldn't be happier with the outcome.

inexpensive stroller to hold us over until we get one of these bad boys. i hope the baby likes being outdoors!

the baby seat is installed and good to go. it's not leather, baby c/z will still be riding in nice comfort and support. thanks PP/NP for the gift!

and finally - the crib in our bedroom. this took 3 hrs to build due to the 90+ nuts/bolts/dowels that came in the box (along with the sliding drawer that finishing up in the picture). in the end, we're quite happy with the outcome. individually, the pieces weren't much to look at, but together they transformed into a sturdy and good looking product. thanks to YH/SD and to the trans (all three of them!).

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  1. ugh. I thought I was reading your wedding blog entry again!! =) you are too sweet...that's why Hang doesn't need to unleash the "wrath"!