the postman

40 weeks, 1 day. one day post due.

kevin costner's 1997 film was a disaster to his career. after big roles in the untouchables, bull durham, and field of dreams, he was building a resume of a superstar. then came films like waterworld, postman, and 3000 miles to graceland (nice chops there buddy!). there have been a few movies that were supposed to be 'late comebacks' to resurrect his career, but in my opinion....the guy is pretty much done. that's too bad...cuz i really liked him as frank farmer in the bodyguard.

we met with Dr. D today and she gave us options on what we want to do. HM's situation is favorable to where we have a choice to wait or induce. the benefit to waiting is having the baby naturally and lower c-section percetages. the detriment would be risk of infection which could lead to stillbirth which increases progressively post 41 weeks. given that there really isn't any growth benefit in the womb for the baby now, we opted to wait a few days and plan induce later this week. baby c/z could make an appearance at anytime b/w now and then, but HM doesn't feel like much has changed, so we're not holding our breath.

being the trooper that she is, HM is still going to work a little bit and take a day off later so we can run a few errands to prepare. i guess another benefit to inducing is knowing when we're going to be at the hospital. i secretly wanted the whole 'rush experience' we see in movies, but i also don't want to miss the actual birth. given the choice, i think we're taking the safer bet.

we're going to try to get some good sleep since induction could be as early as 5:30am, but who can sleep during a time like this? i'm already a late sleeper, but now knowing that my child is coming is only going to make my nights much more restless. fortunately, i can't say the same for my lovely wife...

this is a bigger, brighter, and better picture than from a few nights ago... sweet dreams babe!

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  1. Can you induce the baby on Saturday for personal monetary gain?? I'll take you guys to eat with the winnings!!

    However the 16th is considered lucky day according to Chinese calendar & 17th on Japanese calendar! Unfortunately Vietnamese & Filipino ones were not available on Google. =)