four christmases

apparently i've been off on my calculations this whole time. our dr. appts have typically been on mondays which threw me off completely since our due date is on a sunday. i've been undercounting one day! so here goes my correction:

39 weeks, 3 days. four days until due.

HM and i saw the movie four christmases a few months ago by redbox rental. the plot consists of a couple who are happy being unmarried and they visit their families for christmas. each has divorced parents....thus, four separate place to visit. after a whole day of turmoil, they realize that they ARE indeed made for marriage! and that, folks, is how hollywood makes money.

it's no secret that i'm a fan of large families. if it were up to me, i'd have a baseball team of kids. of course that would require a lot of assistance, patience and $$$. my dad is 2nd out of 5 siblings. i've got plenty of cousins that i really don't know about since they are all in the philippines. HM has a few distant cousins, but no one truly close.

HM asked me today if i ever believed in santa claus when i was younger. i told her that my parents had squashed that notion early in my childhood. there were no 'gifts from santa' or cookies and milk left out on the table for the big guy to eat. she agreed her youth was similar. i don't know what would be worse for me - being 'that parent' who never gives his kid a gift from santa or actually being the one to tell them that they don't exist. maybe i'll get lucky and they'll research it on their own with the internet by that time. :)

BUT, for some reason, my parents did let me believe in the tooth fairy. it's amazing that molars and incisors can net profitability by sleeping on top of them. i was extremely happy when i had all of my wisdom teeth taken out...when i was 17.
that was a joke people!

sorry to cut this short, but in order to preserve my sanity, i need to get some shuteye. i leave you with a christmas memory that always brings out a smile to my face:

notice the concentration in his eyes while HM just lets him embarrass himself.

BABY UPDATE: HM and i had an appt today with the ob/gyn and she is now 2cm's dilated and 80% effaced - yeah, i had to look it up too. we had the option to induce tonight, but decided not to since everything was normal otherwise. we would rather let things take it's course than risk a higher chance of a C section. if baby c/z doesn't come tomorrow, i'm aiming for sometime early next week.... after the doc gets back from out of town and after the first weekend of nfl football. i'm SO sentimental, eh?


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  1. i can't believe you posted that picture up. so embarrassing!