rush hour 3

39 weeks, 4 days.

as HM sleeps behind me on the couch....

...i have been trying to mentally prepare myself for the delivery room experience. my coworker buddhaCC has been telling me - "it's crunch time".

it may sound funny, but reality is setting in that we are going to be parents within the next week or so. people have been asking for awhile now...'are you ready?' truthfully, there really isn't a right answer. i'm starting to see that everything up this point is part of the whole experience. sure, we are likely to go through this again with future children, but the first time is typically the most memorable.

the most common advice that i've been getting is to get my sleep now while i still can. and so i sit and write this as 1230am passes. i can't seem to get to bed at a decent hour, especially in the last week or so. meanwhile, HM has no problems sleeping at all. i guess that's a good thing since there are so many scary stories of women who can't get comfortable during their whole 3rd trimester. i'm lucky that i still even have my own bedspace on our full sized mattress. it's funny how we used to have nightly territorial battles before pregnancy, but it seems that HM has been happy with not moving at all. she doesn't even hog the blanket anymore!

with tomorrow being friday and the doc out of town, i'm hoping for a relaxing day for the both of us. why do i have a funny feeling that it won't be?! *crosses fingers*


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