2 fast 2 furious

39 weeks, 5 days. this is going to be a short post because my eyes are literally falling as i type.

we are now 2 days until due and HM is showing no indications of an upcoming labor. i guess this is good news for today since i wanted to avoid having an unknown on-call doc deliver our child.

HM and i were watching a movie earlier (do not see valentine's day.... it's really, really bad.) - and afterward we discussed how time has furiously passed by the last nine months. we knew this would happen once we got to this point. just like we'll be saying the same thing when our child is a yr older. and probably the same thing 10, 20, 30 yrs from now. where has the time gone?!

i do have to say that for me, the past week or so has truly been a blur. work doesn't even seem like work anymore. i get emails, phone calls and i answer them, but at the end of the day, i can't remember what exactly i did. anything and everything has been about the baby. and as most people will agree that it should be this way, i know that reality is that life will move forward and i'll still have to count beans just like anybody else. HM seems to be able to separate and concentrate easily. i guess that is something that a doc is trained to do. i'm not that talented.

for now, we sit and wait. well...tomorrow we will shop, eat and wait. since it's HM's bday, we'll hit up some stores for some last minute baby items. HM has not been comfortable buying things for herself since she can't even try stuff on at this point. i'm sure rapid use of our credit card will come soon after baby c/z arrives. we just have to sit and wait.

as for me...tonight will be one of the few nights i can catch up on sleep from this week. more of the same tomorrow.... i'm out.


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  1. I'm so happy for you! You and Hang are gonna make fantastic parents!