the beginning, yet i'm late

sometimes the best ideas come at random moments.  in my case this past weekend, a random idea came up at one of the best times in my life.  in about 20 weeks, i'm projected to become a father for the first time.  over the past few months, i've gone from complete spousal indulgence to master researcher of baby furniture.  and for some strange, tickling reason - i felt i wanted to write about it. 

in truth, i've never thought of myself much of a writer.  i have weak vocabulary, often-poor grammar, and confusing sentence conjunction.  i also despise using capital letters, unless i ultimately have to make someone understand that THIS IS WHAT I MEAN.  it's as if i was slapped on the wrist for using the shift key during 7th grade computer literacy (yes folks, i didn't learn QWERTY until middle school).  i'm often repetitive.  i like to use "......" a lot.  and for some reason - i tend to use-dashes-in-place-of-commas-or-wherever-else-i-see-fit.  

my personality is be better suited for storytelling.  i normally like to speak in small, intimate groups while asking tons of questions.  but in this case i decided to put my thoughts on a blog medium.  so here i am.... my goal to share my experiences and random thoughts through my journey of approaching fatherhood along with my first year as a papa.  my wife (HM) laughed at me as i became so giddy with enthusiasm because i thought i struck storytelling gold.  

so yes, considering how far along my wife is, i'm a little late - but i promise to catch up on interesting/funny/complicated past occurrences and weave them with current stories.  please share your thoughts, comments, disagreements, etc...... or just follow along if interested.  i always tell myself that i wouldn't be the person i am today if it weren't for people's influence.  come join in my festivities.... 

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